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What to see and visit in Soria?

Region of Tierras de Medinaceli: lands bathed by riversJalón, Land of shepherds and depopulation. Land of prehistoric origins and reminiscences of the Celtic, Roman, Muslim and Christian world.
  • Medinaceli: It was founded by the Celtiberians, who called it Occilis. Later it was conquered by the Romans and later by the Muslims, who called it (Medina-Occilis). Until it was reconquered by the Christians and then the Catholic Monarchs created the Duchy of Medinaceli. Here lie the remains of the Moorish king Almazón, who died in Bordecorex and his son moved his remains here. Declared a Historic-Artistic Site.
- Paleolithic site: It houses the fossilized remains of aurochs, horses, wolves and elephant bones from 300,000 years ago. It is located 15 km from the city.

- Roman arch: It is the symbol of the city. It is a very wide gate to the city. It is characterized by having 3 arches. It is a unique style in Spain and was built between the 2nd and 1st centuries. J. C .. It was a key point on the Roman Way, which crossed the town and which linked Caesaragusta (Zaragoza) and Emerita Augusta (Mérida).

- Alhóndiga or Arab door: entrance to the Plaza Mayor.

- Archaeological Classroom: located in the Plaza Mayor.

- Main Square: with arcades, porticoed, it was built on an ancient Roman forum. Alhóndiga and the Archaeological Classroom.

- Medinacelli Castle: built in the Middle Ages. According to the legend Almanzor was buried in a citadel, which was inside it, when he was defeated and died in the Battle of Calatañazor in 1002. This castle was recovered from the Muslims thanks to El Mío Cid. It is perfectly restored.

- Collegiate Church of Medinaceli: built in the 16th century on an old Romanesque church, in the Renaissance style. It has a nave, late Gothic chapels, a Romanesque crypt, the Gothic ironwork, the Baroque altar, the carving of the Christ of Medinaceli ...

- Canvas of Wall: from the time of the Celtiberians.

- Palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli: it is from the 16th century

- Palace of the Marquis of Casablanca: it was built in the seventeenth century.

- Ducal Palace:

Convent of Santa Isabel: belongs to the Order of the Clarissa Nuns, which is dedicated to the preparation and sale of pastries.

- Beguinage of San Román: It is a rectangular building, which is believed to have been a mosque or synagogue.

Somaén: bathed by the Jalón river.

  • Keep: built in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, square in shape.
  • Ambrona:
    • Archaeological Site Museum of Ambrona and Torralba (Ctra. NacionalII, Km. 146 42230 - Ambrona Tel .: 975 221428): remains of the Medinaceli site.
  • Bows:
    • Monastery of Santa María de Huerta: It is in the Cistercian style. It is a monastery of the Benedictine Order. Its church is in Cistercian Romanic style, built in the 13th century. Its 18th century altarpiece stands out. It should also be noted: the Cloister of the Knights from the 13th century, the Cistercian-style Refrectory, the 2 dining rooms are in French style and were built in the 12th century, the pointed arch and the rose window at the main entrance.
  • Judes:Its medieval castle stands out, with its huge fridge in the basement.
    • The Soldier: famous festival of Moors and Christians, on August 20.
  • Almaluez: 16th century church.
  • Monteagudo: its old town was a Historic-Artistic Complex. It is a walled city of medieval origin.
    • Castle-Palace: from the XV-XVI century It was declared an Artistic Monument in 1949. It is located within the wall and was built by the Hurtado de Mendoza family and is characterized by having two on the corners, an octagonal keep.
    • Church: built in the 16th century.
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