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What does it mean to dream of the mother or to see how she talks to her mother?

Dream about your mother represents the maternal side of her personality. Mothers offer protection, comfort, life, help, and love.

If you dream of a specific conversation you have with your mother, represents an issue that worries you and that you still do not know how to solve. Or that you will receive news soon on a topic that interests you.

Dream about your mother It can also reflect problems in the relationship with his mother in real life that he has not yet been able to solve.

If your mother calls you by name in a dream, it means you need to pay more attention to your responsibilities.

If a woman dreams of her mother, it means will be happy in your life and marital bliss.

If you dream that you see your mother haggardIt is a premonition of sadness because of a death or because of having been dishonored.

Dreaming that you hear your mother calling you, it means that you are being negligent with your responsibilities and are following the wrong path in your business or in your work.

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