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New 2020 calendar: You can now download the personalized calendar for 2020

Printable 2014 calendar template

Although there is still a little left, we are already prepared to welcome 2014 for this we are going to explain how to make a personalized calendar with photos, or with phrases, with children's drawings, so you can make a personalized calendar to give to family members and friends.

How to make a custom calendar:

Step 1.To get started, print the 2014 calendar template in pdf for free that we have prepared. In the file there are 2 models, a slightly narrower and elongated model that you have to cut and another model in A4 size that you do not need to cut, we recommend printing the sheets on cardboard paper because they are more resistant, but you can also do it on normal paper. In the archive you will also find various covers but you can make your own. The file is compressed so you have to unzip it first to be able to see the images.

Step 2.Once the sheets with the months are printed, now you just have to use your imagination and fill in the blank space at the top, you can put photos, you can give the sheets to the children to draw a picture, you can use stickers or colored papers, you can make each sheet different and with different materials, you can print phrases that you like or write them down, you can leave the sheets blank and put post-it notes with proposals and small challenges for each month, you can even do a little of everything this mixed and make some great collages….

Step 3.When you have your super calendar of 2014 ready with all the months of the year personalized, now we have to hang it, for this make a hole or two in the upper part with a hole punch and pass a thread to be able to hang it on the wall, you can also take it to a printing press so that they put a bug on you and then pass the tape or string to hang it.

If you like the result very much and want to keep it as a souvenir, you can also laminate all the sheets, so when the year is over you can save it and it will be kept in good condition

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