Why do planes turn on dim lights on takeoff?

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Surely many times we have asked ourselves when we are on board an airplane: Why do planes turn on dim lights at takeoff?

Dimming the cabin lights and raising the blinds are the standard safety measures during takeoff and landing - the two most critical moments in a flight.

The reason: dim lighting allows children's eyes to passengers get used to the dark more quickly during a hypothetical emergency evacuation.

"Imagine being in an unfamiliar bright room full of obstacles when someone turns off the lights and asks you to leave quickly." The raised blinds bring natural light into the cabin, and allow the pupils to get used to the natural light.

In the event of an accident and evacuation of the plane, it would be without light. Passengers, if their pupils are used to the dark, can evacuate it more easily.

Another reason according to experts is the saving power for motors in the two most critical moments (landing and takeoff) in which the planes may need all their strength to carry out this type of maneuver.

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