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Halloween scrap paper

When do we prepare the Halloween parties We are always looking for decorated papers to decorate and enjoy a Halloween atmosphere.

With these Halloween decorated papers we manage to personalize the tablecloths, the backs of the chairs or even the doors, trays, plates ... we can personalize everything we imagine.

What can we do with the decorated papers? In this article we leave you ideas and tips to use this type of Halloween paper and get the best decorations and settings for Halloween parties, lunches and dinners or snacks. We hope you enjoy them !!

Normally disposable cups, plates, cardboard or paper dishes go up a lot in price, this can be an alternative for the little ones to continue enjoying their Halloween party but at the price of crisis. For example, with the paper decorated with the pumpkins we will cover the salad bowls where we put the trinkets; with the decorated paper from pumpkins What we will do is decorate the pringles potato jars and, with the papers of the orange and green dots, what we will do is customize the glasses (we buy the cheapest ones in a supermarket or Chinese and we line them with Halloween decorated paper.

With the ghost and pumpkin decorated paper what we can do is customize the tablecloths. We buy white tablecloth paper from the Chinese. We spread it out on the table and in the center (every 4 people approx.) We put a sheet of decorated paper and glue it.

Of course you can use this Halloween paper to make your DIY Halloween, prepare homemade invitations, make boxes of origami paper, make your scrapook album to remember this Halloween, wrap a special gift ... I'm sure you can think of a thousand more things .

You can print this paper on your home printer but if what you want is a size paper, you can take the file to a store where they make prints on paper of other sizes so that they can print it for you.

Happy Halloween We hope you enjoy these holidays !!

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