A family trip to Barcelona

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It has been almost three years since I last wrote about this city - a jewel in the crown of Spain. During the landing we saw the city from the air with spectacular views of the coast and the wonderful experience that awaited us.

A family trip: walk and enjoy

We also had the pleasure of spending time with our daughter and grandson - a Barcelona F.C. fan. In addition, a friend of the family who has lived in Barcelona for 10 years showed us the most beautiful places in the city.

We walk the streets of Barcelona a lot - I think walking is one of the best ways to visit cities. The streets of the city of Barcelona are organized as a network, many of its buildings are one hundred or two hundred years old and in some parts of the city you can see their Roman and Medieval origins.

The city has a well organized public transportation system. There are many motorcycles and also bicycles and there are hundreds of bikes for rent.

The myth of Gaudí and Barcelona, ​​the awe at the Sagrada Familia

The buildings of the archirect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), and the fantasies and imagination that inspired them are the pride of Barcelona. One of his professors described him as either a madman or a genius - perhaps he was both and although he was influenced by the European Art Nouveau movement and in particular by John Ruskin and William Morris he was completely unique and original.

The cathedral the sacred Family is extraordinary. Gaudi spent the last 43 years of his life overseeing its construction and lived a year in a studio within its construction site until his unexpected death - the result of a traffic accident.

His dedication has been honored by the city and his unfinished works are almost finished. A religious man (although he was a critic of the clergy) the history of Christianity as well as his love for nature are evident in the facade of the cathedral with its numerous sculptures which tell their own stories. Inside the building - there is room for 8000 people - there is a wonderful sense of light and space. Awe is the only word that can describe its emotional and acetic impact.

! We also visited the museum about Barcelona F.C. with our grandson and daughter and we have the photos that prove it!

I will write more about Barcelona in the next blog.

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