Buy yourself a suit jacket, we will tell you how to dress it

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5 Ideas to wear a suit jacket and be perfect anytime, anywhere

If one thing is becoming clear to us after so many fashion weeks around the world, it is that the suit jacket is going to be your new basic.

But first of all, let's make one thing clear: Never again relate the suit jacket as the exclusive outfit of a businessman or a senior executive. NEVER MORE.

The suit jacket should be for you, at least this season, like the blue striped shirt, the chocker or the bomber. Your first choice all the time. Do what you do. Wherever you go.

And so that you always go perfect with it, we are going to give you 5 ideas that will come in handy:

Suit jacket + slippers

Add a casual touch to your tailored suit look with some classic trainers.

Try other fabrics

If this trend seems too serious ... it is because you have not seen the variety of fabrics with which you can create a suit jacket. The silk ones are my favorite and so useful for any moment!

Use only the suit jacket

It is a trend! What's more, many stores are making a jacket-dress version, so… what are you waiting for?

Adapt your suit to trends

Play with the trends: velvet, layered layers ... in your suit jacket and you will hit the spot.

Combine it with a bralette or ... with nothing!

You can use under the suit a "bralette" or bra a little more dress, and so you can wear the jacket unbuttoned and give a tremendously sexy touch to your look. Or you can wear nothing and wear the jacket closed.

With striped, plain shirt, T-shirt, wide sweater, with a turtleneck, sandals, heels, white, colored, with different patterns…. Anyway, I could give you millions of ideas, so you can combine your jacket suit and be absolutely fabulous, whatever you do and wherever you are.

You just have to dare



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