The 3 Little Pigs coloring page

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The 3 little pigs to print and color

Download for free this drawing of the 3 little pigs
to paint with the little ones. Work, collaboration, friendship and above all dedication and passion for each of the things that are done at all times is essential for everyone's day to day.

You can download the file by clicking on the image or on the following link:

  • Download the 3 little pigs coloring page

He I count the 3 little pigs and the wolf explains the story of 3 little pig brothers who have to build a house, the two smallest pigs prefer to spend the day eating, singing and dancing and they build their houses with fragile materials and in record time. The youngest makes it out of straw and the second makes it out of sticks and stones, while the oldest takes his time and builds a brick house.

One day the hungry wolf arrives and blows down the house of the first little pig; This one has to run away to take refuge in the house of the second pig. But, the wolf also demolishes the house of sticks and stones although it costs him a little more, so the pigs run to take refuge at the older brother's house. How the wolf can not tear down this house tries to enter through the chimney but the pigs prepare a pot of water and the wolf runs away scared.

With this story we can teach our children the value of a job well done and that there are important things to which it is convenient to dedicate time and effort to make them work.

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