7 phrases to encourage respect for nature in children

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If you are a parent and want to encourage respect for nature in your children, we leave you 7 phrases to do so. Because there is no better way to transmit messages than through the word.

If repeated long enough, these phrases become more than just words and lead children's thoughts, emotions, and actions toward respect for nature.

1. We are a green family (or in English “We are a green family”)

The phrase can be used whenever there is a situation in which we can teach children something about nature or the environment. For example, if the children leave the tap running or the lights on, we can remind them that “we are a green family”.

2. “Mother Earth takes care of us and we take care of Mother Earth” (or in English “Mother Earth takes care of us, and we take care of Mother Earth”)

The expression "Mother Earth" is perhaps one of the most used and can be used every time something is done to take care of the environment.

3. “Let's help Mother Earth” (or in English “Let's help Mother Earth”)

The good thing about this phrase is that it implies action and collaboration. There are many things that can be done with children to "help Mother Earth."

4. The 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (or in English, The three Rs: Reduce, reuse and recycle)

This motto is very effective as it tells children what actions they can take to help the planet.

5. "Green I love you green" (in English "Green is keen")

The best thing about this motto is the rhyme. This can be very effective especially if you add a funny expression and tone of voice when you say it. Kids sure love it. Although the translation of the original phrase in English would be “green is cool” or “green is cool”, we can look for other types of phrases that rhyme in Spanish in addition to “green, I love you green”.

6. “You save, you don't waste” (or in English “Save, not waste”)

This motto can be used every time we see that there is some unnecessary expense, such as leaving the lights on, the tap running, using the toilet as a wastebasket…. Marcy and Cameron, parents who share their experience in Jim Taylor's book Your Children are Listening, they use this phrase with their children every time there is a situation in which resources are wasted. Just say "save, don't waste" and children automatically get the message.

7. "I love nature!" (or in English "I love nature!")

In the same book, Tanya explains how the phrase "I love nature!" It began to have an effect on his children after using it whenever he was with them playing outdoors, walking, skiing or taking care of plants.

Do you have a phrase of love for mother nature? Write it to us!

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