26 Halloween accessories with which you will succeed

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On Halloween people usually worry about the costume. But what many people forget is that accessories can give you a terrifying and fascinating touch that no one will forget. There will be many, but as original as these 26 surely not.

Pumpkin Earrings

A pendant made from a jaw

An eye that you can wear as a belt, in the palm of your hand ...

Heart pendant

A pendant of ... you know what

Blood for vampires. You wear it like a pendant

A one-eye ring that glows in the dark

A necklace that simulates a vampire bite

A very human pendant

Two finger ring

A pendant of vampire teeth

Some earrings

A necklace with which it seems that your neck is sewn

A necklace that looks like someone is grabbing you

A fist of a skeleton

A blood bracelet

A ring with teeth

A complement to put on the shoulder, hand ...

A ring that imitates an octopus

Some ghostly earrings

A pendant of a skeleton hand

The most famous baddies with their respective weapons..Hellraiser, how scary !!

Butcher knives earrings

A necklace of a heart

Murder necklace

If I were to keep one, it would be the one with the finger knife, the jaw and the small ring with the teeth. And you, which one would you choose?

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