10 easy crafts for Valentine's Day

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Crafts for the Day of Love and Friendship

We propose a series of ideas or simple gifts that you can make for February 14 and surprise your partner or your friends with these beautiful details.

1. Paper box to give sweets

If your partner likes sweets, you can make one of these origami boxes and decorate it with eva rubber hearts, you can also use one of our decorated papers to make them, then put some chocolates with a special note or a bag of jelly beans. and you will see how he likes the detail.

2. Heart-shaped photo frame made with cardboard

Making frames with cardboard is very easy and they are great to decorate, the best thing is that you do not need to make holes in the wall and we can put them on any surface with a little adhesive paste.

3. Painted river stones

Paint river stones with tempera or acrylic paint to give as a gift, they are a beautiful decorative detail that can last a lifetime, you can paint romantic motifs, write your initials and even a short love phrase, you can also use permanent fine tip markers.

A very nice and fun idea, it is paint stones and leave them in parks or gardens for people to find, It sure makes someone's day.

4. Paper heart with hidden message:

This origami heart has a small pocket in which you can put a message or phrase of love

5. Homemade pendant with heart

6. Valentine boxes to print

Free printable molds of boxes decorated with hearts. You can use them to give chocolates or print several and leave them around the house with small details or notes so that your partner can find them.

7. Original love card

8. Inflated paper hearts

Fill a glass jar with these little paper hearts and give your room a romantic touch

9. Make romantic candles

If you are going to prepare a romantic dinner at home and you like candles, you can give them a special touch with a glitter heart.

10. Notebook or homemade album to give away

With chalkboard paint you can make fun notebooks to give as gifts, you can personalize them by making a mini album with photos and personal phrases or you can leave them blank so they can be used as an agenda or notebook.

We hope they inspire you and we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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