12 tips to build a lasting relationship

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It has happened to all of us that when we start dating someone we have the doubt of what to do or not do, the best way to carry the relationship if what we are looking for is something lasting of course. So these tips are so that we don't forget things that are obvious but that we often don't see.

12 tips to make a relationship last:

  • 1. Don't try to control everything: One of the most important things in a new relationship is spontaneity, so don't try to make everything perfect.
  • 2. Learn to be a good partner, a good partner, someone your partner can trust and knows that you will be there when needed.
  • 3. Don't set goals, a relationship should flow naturally and at the rhythm of both of you, not yours, not yours. The two of you have to set the standards and be empathetic with the other.
  • 4. Learn to respect your partner's space: I know that this is usually difficult when we are excited about a new relationship, but it is very important to give him space and free time, that does not mean that he does not love us, it means that he is an independent person and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • 5. Don't be one of those who criticizes everything: if you are going to make an observation about something that you don't like, NO criticize, it is not the same. Nobody wants to be with someone who is always seeing their bad side ...
  • 6. Very important: if you are wrong, admit it! All women find it very difficult to admit when we are wrong, but a good part of growing up is accepting our mistakes.
  • 7. Make every moment a special moment: I am not saying that your relationship becomes a romantic movie in which everything is perfect, that does not exist beyond the screen. But your way of being will make each moment special.
  • 8. The controlling girlfriend no longer gets along: What's more, it has never been taken, showing him how much you love him by being jealous is not pleasant or romantic ... nor is it anything more than overwhelming !!
  • 9. And by the way of not controlling, respect their friendsIf the relationship has started recently, do not expect him to forget his lifelong friends and friends, with whom he has shared many more things than with you.
  • 10. Adaptation: Yes, your partner's life is a world apart from yours and from now on it will be a matter of adaptation if you and him are compatible in all aspects, that means that both of you will have to make some changes and will have to adapt to the routine of both.
  • 11. Learn to forget: this will help you because the perfect man does not exist !!! There is the person who will make you happy outside of the stereotypes that we have created from blue princes who are nothing more than fantasy. So be clear that your partner will make mistakes and that you will have to forgive and forget, and he for his part will have to do the same.
  • 12. Keep your tastes and way of beingRemember that being authentic is the best way to start a relationship, and to know if you are compatible with someone or not.

Remember that the best way to start a relationship and that it is lasting is that everything is authentic, do not forget it and I hope these tips will help you !!! A greeting.

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