How to motivate your child?

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Study techniques

Motivation is key

The best study techniques fail if the student does not find sufficient motivation to concentrate his effort on learning and studying. Lack of ability to motivate yourself is the cause of many school failures. The student has the capacity for assimilation, which he shows sporadically, but he gets carried away by a path where lack of perseverance, reluctance, disinterest and a tendency to distract or fix attention with activities outside the study predominate.

Do you want to motivate your child? We suggest you read some materials and evaluate if they can be useful to motivate you.

  • Wasting time
  • Do not give up
  • Motivational phrases
  • Self-motivation in the study
  • 101 reasons to be a good student
  • Fun classes
  • Effort and perseverance
  • Motivation in the study

Each individual is sensitive to different types of stimuli. As parents we can evaluate which ones are best suited to our children.

Help them understand them and introduce new habits that will make them a good student.

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