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7 useful tips that can help you live longer and better years

Take care of your diet

A 1500 calorie diet is beneficial to your health and helps you age more slowly. Moderation in meals and consuming fewer calories than recommended promotes a longer life. The diet should include antioxidant foods, brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Fish preferable to meat consumption. A glass of red wine with meals is also highly recommended. See also: Allied foods to reduce the risk of cancer.

Doing physical activity

Do physical exercise according to age: walking, climbing stairs, winning, doing simple exercises, playing golf, practicing yoga according to age, etc. They contribute to improving the feeling of well-being and almost all health indicators, especially those related to the cardiorespiratory system. See Pilates.

Laugh and think optimistically

It is essential to keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts. The mind plays a decisive role in the proper functioning of the human body. See review book Wood of leader.

Keep your mind active

For a long life it is essential to maintain an active memory favored with the development of intellectual activities and works that exercise curiosity and mental activity. Reading, studying, doing intellectual exercises, mental work prevents memory from atrophying. See book The Brain by John J. Ratey.

Fight stress

Follow the tips to combat stress. Scientists have recently shown the close relationship between aging and stress.

Breathing, relaxation, spa therapy

Take care of integral breathing and especially abdominal breathing. Carry out relaxation practices frequently. Encourage contact with water through baths, hydrotherapy and other activities. See breathing and relaxation.

Family and social life

Take care of family and social relationships in a balanced way. Fostering a positive spirit and sincere interest for the benefit of third parties. Solve problems of a family nature.

Spain is in third place among the oldest countries, after Japan and Canada. Behind Spain are countries such as Switzerland or France. The reason for the Spanish longevity is to be found in the advantages of the Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables and legumes, olive oil, among other foods. So, go ahead and live longer ..

A goal for every day. This first step has to lead to something else. Change our attitude towards life. Delve into the reasons and causes that have led us to escalate negative thoughts and be very active in applying solutions. We suggest that every day you apply an idea of ​​this type, you focus on a goal that allows you to be happy. In our section be happy you will find a goal for each day. Read these topics carefully:

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