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Today, almost every home houses a toolbox with the basic and necessary tools and utensils (hammer, screwdriver, nails ...) to repair any damage or breakdown in the house.

When we have to fix something at home, if we don't have the right tools, we can end up making the situation worse instead of better. That is why we have prepared a list of 5 little-known tools that will allow us to complete the repair and renovation work of the house more easily:

  • 1.- Voltage meter

When we want to repair cables, or remove the box from a socket to repair any damage or breakdown, the first thing we should do is cut off the power in the area of ​​the house that affects the socket.

To check that there is indeed no current in the plug we want to repair, we just have to insert (or plug) the tip of the current meter into one of the holes in the plug. In this way we will always know when it is safe to remove the box from the socket, and when not.

  • 2.- Laser level

Unlike the common bubble levelers, the “laser level” emits a laser beam to keep things completely horizontal (for when we hang pictures, shelves, frames…). It also emits a vertical beam that is helpful in plumbing installation work.

  • 3.- Hand saw

Hand saws have small, sharp teeth that cut more easily than regular saws. Hand saws are made to cut one way: towards us (that is, by pulling the saw towards us instead of pushing it out). You can use the hand saw to cut blocks of wood (or any piece of wood in general) and to outline hard-to-reach areas that need a cut.

  • 4.- Paint spray

Why do we want to use a roller when we can spray a whole bucket of paint in just 9 minutes with this useful tool. In addition, the result is so clean that it is ideal for painting the entrance door, walls, furniture ...

  • 5.- Nail locator

Have you ever been driving nails into the wall and suddenly nailed one where a nail was already buried? Well, that will not happen to you again with this great invention.

The nail finder can tell us if there is metal or not behind a wall, under the floor or even in the ceiling (before we start driving nails without judgment).

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