Copenhagen, between gray colors and the cold of March

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Copenhagen- Nyhavn

Lenin was even in Copenhagen and there are squatters, musicians and arnarquists

As I write this article, Copenhagen is in the news for something out of the ordinary. It is a 100-year-old building called 'Youth House’(The youth house). However, a religious group bought it in 2000 and last week the occupiers were evicted and this morning there are photos in the newspaper of the building being demolished.

A city of gray in winter where colors stand out

We had a very different experience of the city when we visited it 8 years ago. It was a weekend in March and it was very cold. The only color I remember was the red of the soldiers' uniforms when they changed shifts outside the royal palace. The contrast with the beautiful but gray buildings was unforgettable. The famous gardens called 'Tivoli Gardens'In the center of the city they were closed because it was still winter, in fact they only open for 5 months of the year. In its advertising it says that it is one of the most entertaining complexes in the world and I imagine that its miniature gardens with 100,000 flowers must be very impressive in summer.

National Museum

We visited the national museum in the prince's palace. It was full of fascinating historical and contemporary artifacts and also gave a lot of information about the city. There was a relaxed atmosphere in this museum and in the other art galleries that we visited.

Copenhagen, the sea and the union with Sweden

The city is spread around a port and you are always close to the sea. A bridge and tunnel were being built to link Copenhagen with Malmo in Sweden. It was inaugurated in 2000 by the monarchs of both countries and as a consequence Copenhagen is now the center of a larger metropolitan area. Apparently the cars don't use the bridge as much as they had hoped but the trains are full. Some Danes have moved their homes to Sweden where the houses are cheaper and they commute to work every day.

The statue of Hans Christian Anderson. the little Mermaid…

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without seeing the statue of the Little Mermaid by the sea and of course we saw the statue of Hans Christian Anderson whose tales are legendary, one of which was the inspiration for the Little Mermaid. We took pictures next to both statues like good tourists.

It is another beautiful city with its own distinction.


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