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Google stops censoring search results in China

Google has stopped censoring its search results in China, ignoring warnings from the country's authorities. The US company said yesterday that its Chinese users will be redirected to the uncensored pages of its Hong Kong website.

Chinese government officials have repeatedly warned Google that if it did not comply with the country's censorship rules, it would face the consequences.

Google's chief legal advisor David Drummond noted that providing “uncensored searches” from is “a reasonable solution to the difficulties we have had to face; it is completely legal and will significantly increase people's access to information in China. "

He also commented in statements to the BBC that there could be some slowdown in the service and delays in obtaining search results, while the resources to manage the redirected queries are reinforced. In his blog, he stated that Google had "high hopes that the Chinese government will respect our decision, although we are aware that at any time it could block access to our services." According to Drummond Google will carefully monitor access and provide regular updates through a page dedicated to showing what was available through its services in mainland China.

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