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What does it mean to dream of a bed or to dream that we are going to bed?

Dream of your own bed It represents your intimate being and the discovery of your own sexuality.

If in your dream, you wake up in an unfamiliar bed, represents the consequences of the decisions you have made.

If you dream that you are lying in a bed with a stranger, it may mean that you make friends too quickly. You should be more cautious when developing a friendship.

If you dream that you are sleeping outdoors, it means that you will be successful.

If you dream that you are floating around the bedIt can mean that you feel lonely and disconnected from the people around you. Perhaps your ideas are driving you away and you may need to lower your personality level a bit.

Dream of a clean white bed, it means that you will have a quiet life, without problems.

Dream of a dirty or very old bed, represents the attitude that you have towards sex. It can also mean that your self-esteem is on the ground and you need to rethink many things. Take a look at what's wrong and fix it. Throw away anything that makes you feel bad.

Dreaming of a woman, who is making a bed, it means that a new lover or pleasant activities to do will appear.

If you dream that you see a bed in a strange room, it means that you will receive an unexpected visit from your friends.

Dreaming of a sick person who sees a bed, is a bad omen, since it announces complications in his illness or danger of death for him.

Dreaming that you are sleeping in an outdoor bedIt means that you will live very pleasant experiences and the possibility of economic progress.

If you dream that there are some blacks crossing your bed, means that you will suffer dangerous and exasperating moments, which will interfere with your plans and complicate your life.

Dreaming that a friend of yours is in bed and has a very pale faceIt means some very painful strange complications will happen to your friends and this will make you feel bad.

For a mother to dream that her son pees in bedIt means that you will feel unusual anxiety and that people who are now ill will not recover from their illness and fatigue; It could also mean that a mishap is going to happen at your workplace.

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