Bristol: the city and the feelings

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Bristol and the spots in its history

Bristol is the sixth largest city in England and is the gateway to the South West. I thrived on shipbuilding yards and sea traffic, much of which consisted of the slave trades. The abolitionist Thomas Clarkson collected evidence at the pub called the seven stars, which still exists today. This information helped William Wilberforce and others who managed to make this terrible illegal trade. But Bristol is famous for many other more positive things.

Bristol, the boats, the railroad, the suspension bridge ...

In the 19th century Samuel Plimsoll was concerned about the danger to sailors who had to work on overloaded ships and he successfully fought for a cargo limitation on ships. The excellent Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel - rich in character yet a small man - designed the railway between Bristol and London in addition to the famous suspension bridge in the Clifton neighborhood of Bristol, which is still one of the most beautiful attractions in the city. Also a pioneer in steamships one called the SS Great Britain has been renovated and is open to the public.

Illustrious Sons of Bristol

Wesley, the founder of Methodism, built his first chapel in Bristol in 1739. It is still used and can also be visited. John Cabot the Italian navigator and explorer lived in Bristol in 1494, here they helped him explore North America something that Spain and Portugal denied him. In 1897 the Cabot Tower It was built on top of a hill, it is 32.4 meters high and can be seen from many corners of the city.

Cabot Bristol Tower

Bristol was massively bombed in WWII. At this time I lived with my mother in the country about 20 miles from this city and at night you could see the reddish color of the fire from the bombs. Now there is a problem because although the city center was rebuilt in the 1950s there is another attempt to remodel it to create a commercial and business area. I'm afraid it won't be better than the other failure. Bristol has no architectural coherence and the noble and interesting buildings that remain are reminders of what could have been.

The charm of Bristol

Bristol - Rio Avon

However, this city has a lot of charm. It's full of culture and you can eat very well in its restaurants. There is an excellent museum and art galleries in addition to the restored docks that are full of interest for people of all ages. My wife and I were studying at the University of Bristol in the late 1950s and that's how we met. My first job was here too. So despite some disappointments this will always be a very special place for us.


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