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Depression and Dysthymia, the two faces of sadness

Symptoms of Depression and Dysthymia The WHO assures that in 2020 Depression will be the leading cause of disability and death in the world, and that currently more than a million people die from this disease. Sadness A depression is characterized by being sad, not wanting to go out or do anything, having low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority.
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First vaccine for hand, foot and mouth disease

Discovered the first vaccine that protects children against hand-foot-mouth disease. Hand-foot-mouth disease is a viral infection that causes fever, mouth sores and a skin rash that are usually painful. Now a group of Chinese scientists have developed a vaccine that has shown 90 effectiveness.
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Cristina Aguilera's horoscope: provocative and launched

Cristina Aguilera whose real name is Cristina María Aguilera, is a singer, songwriter, actress and producer of Pop music (Pop-dance, Latin Pop, Pop-Rock, synthpop), Soul, electro, jazz, blues, R&B, of American nationality, although of Irish and Ecuadorian origin. He has to his credit 4 GRAMMY Awards and 1 GRAMMYLATINO; having been nominated 15 times and 3 times.
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The Lake District: one of the most beautiful places in England

The Lake District is an area, also known as "The Lakes" or "Lakeland" Land of the lakes, which comprises a rural area located in the North East of England, being considered one of the most beautiful places in The whole country.Windermere Habor is one of the most popular tourist sites for nature lovers in the UK.
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Ethical Christmas

10 tips for making ethical Christmas shopping Every year the claim that Christmas is no longer a few days of excessive consumption and spending is heard more and more, and ideas are sought that allow organizing a more measured, responsible and supportive celebration. The Natural Choices website suggests some ideas for ethical Christmas shopping.
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Cheap flights from England to the United States

The Virgin Atlantic airline yesterday launched a new offer of cheap flights from London to different destinations in the United States. There are three price groups, according to the date of departure from London, with the cheapest flights being those with the closest date such as detailed below.
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